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HackerGuardian PCI Scanning for Websites

Simple, automated way to ensure your website is compliant with the PCI DSS.
Approved by the PCI Security Standards Council®.


  • Up to 5 IP Addresses
  • Unlimited PCI Scans Per Quarter
  • ASV Scan Report Included
  • Daily Website Vulnerability Scans
  • Additional IP Packs (up to 1,000)


  • Up to 20 IP Addresses
  • Unlimited PCI Scans Per Quarter
  • ASV Scan Report Included
  • Daily Website Vulnerability Scans
  • Additional IP Packs (up to 1,000)

45‑Day Trial

  • Up to 2 IP Addresses
  • Unlimited PCI Scans Within 45 Days
  • ASV Scan Report Included with Watermark
  • Daily Website Vulnerability Scans
  • Additional IP Packs

What is PCI DSS compliance?

The PCI DSS otherwise called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been formulated by the five major credit card companies VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and JCB to mitigate risks involved through online purchases and transactions and prevent data loss. The PCI DSS standards are required by these five credit card companies for any business that accepts, processes, or stores credit card payments and data.

PCI DSS mandates that companies take specific actions to ensure they are protecting credit card information. Merchants and processors failing to meet these standards can be subject to fines or loss of ability to accept credit card charges.

Introducing HackerGuardian PCI compliance scanning

PCI compliance scanning enables merchants to validate PCI Compliance quarterly on up to five servers using the full complement of HackerGuardian plug-ins (over 30,000 individual vulnerability tests). The HackerGuardian Additional IP Address Pack allows HackerGuardian to grow with your external PCI scanning needs.

Benefits of PCI Scan Compliance

  • Ensure ongoing PCI compliance thanks to vulnerability scanning by a PCI Approved scanning vendor
  • Receive ready to submit PCI compliance reports to send to your merchant bank
  • Review HackerGuardian’s detailed reports identifying security holes exposed by HackerGuardian’s 30,000+ tests and containing actionable fix recommendations
  • Start with an easy PCI self-assessment questionnaire available in our online wizard
  • Schedule up to ten PCI scans per quarter on up to five servers through a secure web-based interface
  • Add IP address packs to your license to allow scanning for scan additional, external, IP addresses

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