Comodo CA TrustLogo

Trust is critical to e-commerce businesses

Customers need to know their credit cards and login information are safe and secure. Placing a Comodo CA TrustLogo TLS/SSL Certificate Site Seal on your website can increase visitor trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales. Comodo CA’s high impact TrustLogo reassures visitors that your site is protected with TLS/SSL security from one of the most recognized brands in online security.

Comodo CA’s TrustLogo features:

  • Active Reporting: The Comodo CA TrustLogo TLS/SSL Certificate Site Seal features reporting that allows you to check reporting when you want, as often as you need.
  • Verifiable Trust with No Clicks: With Trustlogo's 'Point-to-verify' technology, customers can mouse-over the logo to view your identity and security credentials.

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