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A-Z Guide in Choosing the Right SSL Certificate

A parent preparing a toddler for her first beach vacation and a seasoned kayaker preparing for Zambia's Ghostrider rapid will not reach for the same life jacket. In the world of digital security, the purposes and specs of the various products are also highly relevant to the consumer, although the differences between them may not be so immediately clear.
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How Extended Validation SSL Directly Benefits Online Business – and Why That’s Important

We have written earlier about how Extended Validation (EV) SSL is an important and effective component of online business’s fight against phishing. These certs only matter, however, if sites use them.
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Extended Validation SSL’s Role in Combatting Phishing

Extended Validation (EV) SSL is an important component in any online business’s fight against phishing. Phishing is a form of social engineering attack (otherwise known as a con) in which the phisher fools the victim into thinking he or she is visiting a trusted website.  

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Research Revealed: Upcoming Certificate Distrust Event Could Leave 1M+ Websites at Risk

Comodo CA has released findings from research performed to determine the scope and potential consequences of the upcoming Google Chrome distrust of all former Symantec SSL certificates issued prior to December 1, 2017.  In our research, Comodo CA discovered more than one million certificates on the former Symantec roots that remain to be replaced in anticipation of Google’s announced October deadline.
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On Comodo CA’s Recent Revocation of an SSL Certificate for Kentucky-based Stripe, Inc.

In March of 2018, Comodo CA revoked an SSL certificate issued to Stripe, Inc, a legal business entity incorporated in Kentucky.  This certificate had originally been issued to blogger Ian Carroll as part of his effort to scrutinize how Extended Validation SSL certificates are treated in browsers.  Ian spoke out on social media after revocation of his certificate, which brought his case to the attention of Comodo CA’s senior management team.
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Combatting Attacks: What to Look for When Selecting a CA

As cyberattacks increase, so too does the defense of these attacks, which makes selecting the right certificate authority (CA) critical to your operations. When considering a CA, be sure they’ve implemented baseline security requirements and also that they:

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Microsoft CA and Comodo CA Certificate Management: What's the Difference?

When it comes to certificate management, there can be confusion between Microsoft CA (MSCA) and Comodo CA certificate management. What's the difference? And why should an enterprise consider Comodo CA Certificate Manager (CCM)?
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What Google Chrome's New Certificate Transparency Requirement Means to Your Organization

In April 2018, Google's Chrome browser will begin requiring that all publicly-trusted server certificates issued by CAs such as Comodo CA are logged in public Certificate Transparency (CT) logs. 

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