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Combatting Attacks: What to Look for When Selecting a CA

As cyberattacks increase, so too does the defense of these attacks, which makes selecting the right certificate authority (CA) critical to your operations. When considering a CA, be sure they’ve implemented baseline security requirements and also that they:

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Microsoft CA and Comodo CA Certificate Management: What's the Difference?

When it comes to certificate management, there can be confusion between Microsoft CA (MSCA) and Comodo CA certificate management. What's the difference? And why should an enterprise consider Comodo CA Certificate Manager (CCM)?
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What Google Chrome's New Certificate Transparency Requirement Means to Your Organization

In April 2018, Google's Chrome browser will begin requiring that all publicly-trusted server certificates issued by CAs such as Comodo CA are logged in public Certificate Transparency (CT) logs. 

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March 1 Deadline Looming: Get Your 3-Year Cert Now

Changes in industry certificate lifetime policies mean changes to certificate lifetimes.

Changes are coming to certificate lifetime policies. Beginning March 1, 2018, Comodo CA and other certificate authorities will reduce the maximum lifetime for all TLS/SSL certificates to a maximum of 825 days, or just over 27-months. 
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Comodo CA Opens a New Office in Canada

To meet the needs of our customers, we're pleased to announce that we've expanded our global presence with a new office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This move reflects our explosive growth, which includes 45 percent year-over-year growth in channel and partner business.
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Trustico® Abandons Symantec® TLS/SSL Certificates – Offers Comodo CA Certificates Instead

Companies are feeling the impact of the looming browser warnings and are moving quickly. Companies like Trustico aren’t taking any chances, and just announced that effective immediately, it will no longer offer Symantec branded SSL Certificates.
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Large Financial Institution Partners with Comodo CA to Diversify Security Portfolio

Enterprise organizations are under attack. With ever-growing and evolving malware attacks, cybercrime and related threats, there is an increased need for the protection of digital information, network traffic encryption and enhanced trust in websites. To meet these challenges, one of the largest U.S. financial institutions selected Comodo CA to diversify options available to its enterprise customers while delivering multiple certificate options with competitive pricing, superior support, and a streamlined certificate ordering process.

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Comodo CA Surpasses 100 Million Issued Website Certificates

Comodo CA has reached a significant milestone, having issued more than 100 million digital website certificates.

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