Creating Trust Online

As society’s dependence on technology grows, so too does our vulnerability. No matter where you turn, ever-increasing and evolving malware attacks, cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and related threats are harming millions of Internet users each day.

Comodo Certificate Authority (CA), the largest TLS/SSL vendor and certificate authority with over 1 million TLS/SSL certificates issued worldwide, is meeting these challenges head-on by securing transactions and creating trust online. A trusted partner for more than two decades, Comodo CA provides web security solutions for businesses of all sizes, protecting their online universe. Comodo CA’s world-class solutions identify, prevent, remediate and combat against sophisticated web-based threats. When you compare TLS/SSL providers, you’ll find that Comodo CA’s world-class solutions are the best in identifying, preventing, remediating and combating against sophisticated web-based threats.

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